What is Guardian?

Guardian is a mobile safey application produced by Rave Mobile Safety, the same vendor who supports the backbone of CU Boulder Alerts. Guardian provides the user:

  • A new method to recieve CU Boulder Alerts 
  • Access to crisis support phone numbers 
  • A safety timer allowing friends and family to monitor the user and call for help as needed
  • Access to safety resource websites
  • Quick access to call CU Boulder Police in non-emergency situations
How do I get Guardian?

Guardian is available at the App Store or Google Play. Simply search for “Rave Guardian” and download the app to your mobile device. Then follow the instructions to complete the setup.

Who can use Guardian?

Guardian is only available to current CU Boulder students, staff and faculty. If you currently recieve CU Boulder Alerts you can also sign up for Guardian.

How do I use the Safety Timer?

Let your friends watch your back. Check out this quick tutorial on the Guardian Safety Timer.

Can I still call 911 for emergency services?

Yes. The app is optional and does not replace the ability for users to call CU Boulder Police at 303-492-666 or city of Boulder police at 911.

I noticed some of the features on the Rave Guardian website are not present on my app. Did I do something wrong?

No. Rave allows organizations to tailor the features available in Guardian for its users. CU Boulder has chosen some features over others at this time in hopes of achieving the best experience for the user. CU Boulder will continue to evaluate both user experiances and app improvements and add features if they will benefit the community.