Active Harmer Response: Run. Hide. Fight.

The University of Colorado Boulder offers a series of videos and classes on Active Harmer Response. These are designed for students, faculty and staff of the CU Boulder campus and some are generally held for the entire office staff or a group of combined offices who share work space.

  1. Active Harmer Response video (1 minute)
  2. Run. Hide. Fight. Surviving an Active Shooter Incident video (8 minutes)
  3. Class 1: Review basic statistical data and discuss the video “Run. Hide. Fight” as a group (90 minutes)
  4. Class 2: Review studies that have been conducted on workplace violence and active harmer events and the statistics derived from them (2.5 hours)
  5. Class 3: Site visit and table top exercise (1-3 hours depending on size of space)
  6. Class 4: Trauma Kit Training (2 hours)

Visit the CU Boulder Police Department for more information.


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