Below are the groups that are welcome to opt-in to CU Boulder Alerts by keyword.

How do I opt out of these lists?

At any time you may end your subscription to CU Boulder Alerts keyword groups by texting "LEAVE " to 67283 with the specific group you wish to leave. The two options currently in use at CU Boulder are cuaffilliate and cuchild.

If you reply "STOP" to 67283 that will remove you from all CU Boulder Alerts which also includes alerts you may receive as an employee or student. Please be aware that this will suspend your number from any text from Rave Mobile Safety (the vendor we use for text messaging) and could impact your ability to receive other text alerts from other entities using Rave Mobile Safety as their vendor. It is best to only leave the lists you wish to be removed from. You can reply "LIST" to see all opt-in lists that you are subscribed to.

If you have replied "STOP" and still wish to receive messages, you may reply "START" to enable SMS messaging again.

CU Boulder affiliates

Affiliates who are not a student, faculty or staff and do not have one of the emails domains listed above can opt in to receive text alerts by texting “cuaffiliate” to 67283 to be opted in to CU Boulder Alerts. Your registration will expire one year after you opt in and you will be required to reregister each year to remain a member. You may text “STOP” at any time to 67283 to be removed.

As a member of CU Boulder Alerts, you will receive text notifications for campuswide events.