Answers to the frequently asked questions about the CU Boulder Alert text messages, including who can receive text alerts and how to sign up.

Who can register/use the service?

All active CU Boulder students, faculty, staff and affiliates are either automatically registered or are invited to register to use the CU Boulder Alerts service.

  • CU Boulder student email addresses ( are automatically added to the CU Boulder Alerts. We encourage students to add mobile phone numbers for text alert capability. During course registration periods, students have the options to add, modify or remove a mobile number within their MyCUInfo portal. This mobile number is added to the CU Boulder Alerts database.
  • Faculty and staff email addresses ( are automatically added to the CU Boulder Alerts. We encourage faculty and staff to add mobile phone numbers for text alert capability. At any time, faculty and staff can log in to the MyCUInfo portal and update their emergency text alert mobile information. 
  • University partners with,,, or email domains must still register and maintain their information at the CU Boulder Alerts sign-up page.
  • Affiliates who are not a student, faculty or staff and do not have one of the emails domains listed above can work with the CU Boulder Alert administrator to be sure you are in the alert database. Please contact the IT Support Center for further assitance by emailing or call 303-735-4357.
Why am I not getting text messages if I have been registered for years?

It appears you have not completed the new registration process launched in March 2017. Please complete the steps listed here, and your number will be added to the alerts database during the nightly upload. Pay special attention to add the new phone type Emergency Text Alert Mobile 1 or 2, even if you already have the number you intend to use listed as a cellular phone type. You must enter it again to be captured by the alerts database.

I am a faculty or staff member and need help adding my emergency text alert mobile number(s) to MyCUinfo for the first time.

To add your emergency text alert information, please visit the Step-by-step Guide for Employee Alert Registration.

I’m a student and I used to use CU Boulder Alerts sign-up page, what happened and where do I go now to manage my emergency notification information?

CU Boulder transferred the management of your contact information from the CU Boulder Alerts sign-up page website to the MyCUInfo portal as part of the fall 2013 registration process. This switch is to ensure all actively enrolled students are capable of receiving email and text emergency notifications starting May 1, 2013. Any information you entered during registration replaced what you previously had in the CU Alert system.

During student registration I being asked for “Emergency Contact” information. How is this different from my mobile number that is being sent to the CU Boulder Alerts database?

"Emergency Contact” information is used in the event the university needs to contact someone on your behalf should you be involved in or experience a health or safety emergency.

Can I register if I am not a CU Boulder student, faculty, staff member or affiliate?

No. Only CU Boulder community members with a valid (or, or email address or those that conduct business regularly on campus and have the support of their supporting office, department, or school can register. The CU Boulder Alerts service is only one of several communication and information sources utilized at CU Boulder. There are several other sources for emergency information including the campus homepage and the emergency information line, 303-492-4636.

How will I identify incoming messages from CU Boulder Alerts?

Users are encouraged to add 226-787, 672-83 and 303-492-4636 as “CU Alert” to their phone contacts to help identify incoming text and/or voice calls. Email messages will be from “”

How often will I receive text message alerts?

Fortunately, the campus does not use the CU Boulder Alerts system very often. In some academic terms, the only messages sent to the campus have been a system test message. Situations where CU Boulder Alerts email and text messages could be issued include severe weather, campus operating status and imminent dangers affecting our campus community.

What if my mobile phone number changes?

Should your mobile number change, you can make the updates online.

  • Students can modify their mobile number by going to MyCUInfo portal.
  • Faculty and staff can their mobile number by going to MyCUInfo portal.
  • Partners please visit the CU Boulder Alerts sign up page to sign up and manage your emergency notification information.
  • Affiliates must contact or call 303-735-4357.
Does it matter who my mobile phone provider/carrier is?

The emergency text alert system supports all U.S. mobile carriers.One of the benefits of automatic uploads of student, faculty and staff mobile numbers is the ability for the system to validate and update carrier information on a regular basis. For those partners that register through RAVE, you must still update your carrier information when you change numbers or carriers.

How can I add additional voice-only notification options like TTY or land line contact information?

Please contact the CU Boulder Emergency Management Division at or 303-492-7418.

Will my personal information be shared with third parties?

No. Your email address and mobile phone number will only be provided to our CU Boulder Alerts vendor, RAVE Wireless, who will protect the data as stated under FERPA guidelines.

What if I don’t want to receive CU Boulder Alerts text messages from the university?

Opting out of the text alert portion of the system is strongly discouraged, as the information provided by CU Boulder Alerts can save your life during an emergency, threatening situation, or at the very least keep you from coming to campus on a snow closure day. 

  • Students can choose to opt out by marking the “I elect to opt out of the Emergency Notification System” checkbox during the registration process, or by contacting the Office of the Registrar throughout the year.
  • Faculty, staff and affiliates can choose to opt out by not slecting a mobile number to be used for emergency text alerts in their MyCUInfo portal.
What is my username for the registration website?
  • Students do not have a username as they do not have access to the website.
  • Faculty and staff do not have a username as they do not have access to the website.
  • Partners username should be your CU affiliated email address and the password you set when you initially registered.
  • Affiliates must contact or call 303-735-4357.
How do I unsubscribe from CU Boulder Alerts?

Active students, faculty, and staff cannot unsubscribe from the CU Boulder Alerts program. Your CU email will always remain registered and used to provide timely warnings and/or emergency notifications for situations that represent a serious or continuing threat to the campus community.

  • Students can manage your emergency notification information by contacting the Office of the Registrar at
  • Faculty and staff can manage your emergency text alert information in your MyCUInfo portal page.
  • Partners can manage your CU Boulder Alerts information by visiting the CU Boulder Alerts sign up page.
  • Affiliates please contact or call 303-735-4357 for further assistance.

If you were a student, faculty or staff and are no longer affiliated with CU Boulder, please contact or call 303-735-4357 for further assistance.

Who do I contact for help?
  • Active students who have questions about registration or opt-in/opt-out status, contact the Office of the Registrar at or call 303-492-6970. 
  • Inactive students should contact or call 303-735-4357.
  • Faculty, staff, partners and affiliates should contact or call 303-735-4357.

If you have questions regarding emergency management at CU Boulder please visit CU Boulder Emergency Management Division or email us at