If you are an employee who is registered for classes and considered a student, your mobile numbers are pulled from your student portal information. It is wise to update your mobile numbers and phone types in your employee portal information, as well.

  • Log in to MyCUinfo.
  • Click on "CU Resources Home" in the top middle of the page and select "My Info and Pay."
  • Select “Text Alert Preferences.”
  • You will be prompted to complete the portal security process of two-step authentication.
  • You will be taken to the CU Text Alert Preferences page.
  • If the correct phone number appears in the table, you are all set. If not, click “Add/Change Emergency Text Alert Mobile Number.”
  • From there, add a phone number or change the type of the correct number to be either "Cellular" or "Cellular 2." You may have two cell numbers listed.
  • Should you choose not to receive emergency text notifcation from the campus, move the slider to "No."
  • You can verify your preferences by navigating back to the “Text Alert Preferences” tab.

CU Text Alert Screen


Screen capture showing phone numbers