• Log in to MyCUinfo.
  • Find and click the Nav Bar icon Nav Bar Icon located in the upper right of the window > CU Resources > My Info and Pay.
  • Select “Text Alert Preferences.”
    • If this is your first time updating your alert phone numbers, there should be no numbers in this window.
  • Select “Add/Change Emergency Text Alert Mobile Number.”
  • You will be prompted to complete the portal security process of two-step authentication.
  • Click “Add Phone Number,” and from the Phone Type dropdown list, select “Emergency Text Alert – Mobile 1.”
    • You may see your campus and/or mobile number already populated on this form. 
    • Even if this is the case, you will still need to click "Add Phone Number" and enter the number(s) at which you would like to receive emergency text alerts. 
  • Enter your number in the Telephone field.
    • This may be the same number you have listed in other fields.
    • International numbers cannot be entered.
    • Numbers must be 10 digits or else it will fail to load into CU Boulder Alert.
  • If you have another mobile number to which you would like to receive text alerts, repeat the process and select “Emergency Text Alert – Mobile 2.”
  • When finished, click “Save.”
  • You can verify your preferences by navigating back to the “Text Alert Preferences” tab.

Screen capture showing alert number populated

Your final result should show "Emergency Text Alert-Mobile 1" populated.